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Hospital with Innovative Approach to Treatment

At Blissfullmind, the focus is on the Holistic Care of the individual with any Psychological or Psycho-Physical problem. We take a comprehensive Bio-Psycho-Social approach to evaluate & manage the health problems of any person.

Psychiatrists at Blissfullminds are highly qualified, experts in evaluating, diagnosing, treating and to prevent illnesses that interfere with emotional and behavioral health. Psychiatric assessment typically includes a review of physical and mental conditions as well as discussion about development, previous physical and mental illnesses, social circumstances, and relationships. We at Blissfullminds are dedicated in providing personalized, nourishing therapy for those people seeking enhanced well-being and improved quality of life.

Dr. Mohana Venkataraman, Hypno Therapist

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What We Do?

At Blissfullmind, We care every individuals

Give immediate care for any mind related issues

help you to keep your mental health condition always good

Offer valueable advice regarding your lifestyle changes

interact with you directly, with your partner or with your family members

provide complete evaluation of cognitive functioning and diagnosis of personality impairment