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Under Achievement

As the popular hospital, for treating student's under achievement problems in school and college, in Madurai, Blissfullmind Wellness Hospital, we offer the best possible treatment for gaining academic achievement in Madurai.

There is an awful lot of pressure put upon teenagers nowadays in schools all over the country to get good exam grades. I have even known students to be prevented from sitting certain exams, or even excluded entirely from school, because their forecasts were not deemed to be good enough.


First of all, we need to make it clear to our youngsters that learning will take place throughout their life and is not just restricted to university. If your teenager has struggled in a school setting, this does not mean that they will not be able to learn important life and employment skills elsewhere. Make sure that they know that their best effort is good enough for you and that you will support them whatever they decide to do, wherever their next move might be. Show an interest in the youngsters path, don't make this about opportunities which you missed growing up and would be keen for them to pursue instead.

Help your teenager with revision. This does not mean tying them to the kitchen table with their books for hours on end, your youngster may learn better while listening to music, creating a mind-map or even walking on a treadmill. Short repeated bursts of half an hour at a time, followed by a break, are more productive than hours on end gazing at books if the content is not registering. Look at past papers so that they have a good grounding in the sorts of questions which might be asked. Feed and water them regularly so that their brains can function well. Have a look on YouTube for some meditations around exams.

Finally make sure that they get to the exam venue in a timely fashion, having eaten something healthy, carrying a drink and in as calm a manner as possible. Encourage them to wait with friends who are confident, rather than with those that you know are struggling, as anxiety can be contagious.

I have found that students who are exhibiting extreme exam stress, tend to be putting all of their hopes and dreams into doing well at this time. If they feel that exams grades are the key to being able to get out of a difficult home life, then the stress they will put upon themselves can be huge. In these cases professional counselling can really help to allow them to look at things from a different perspective. Parents need to consider the stress that they are giving their teenagers and try to rein it in a bit around this time.

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