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Psychology counselor R.Sujitha has done a P.G.Diploma in Counselling& Psychotherapy, Diploma in Accupuncture therapy. Currently she is doing M.S.W and did certificate course on therapies.




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Psychology counsellor & Acupuncture therapist

She has two year experience in couselling field. She has given a lot of seminar and speeches in schools and colleges. She is well versed in English, French and Tamil.

She is very friendly psychology counsellor. People can come and understand their own challenges after the counselling session they realize their problem and get solution for it. Her session is so lively, she is so friendly and easily understand client problems. She gave lot of counseling and therapy.

She is a specialist in children, women and transgender counseling service. She offers solution and insights of psychological issues and provides conselling for

PCOD Problem


Anxiety disorder


Bipolar disorder


Mental pressure

OCD Problem


Suicidal thoughts

Child abuse

Mental illness

Bipolar disorder

Transgender issues

Lesbian problems

She has participated in workshops on personality development, UGC Workshop on Employability skill development, workshop on essential skills for counseling, webinar on emotional intelligence. She has also attended state level workshop on TLT and a workshop on counseling and therapy.


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