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Mental Retardation

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Mental retardation (MR) is a developmental disability that first appears in children under the age of 18. It is defined as a level of intellectual functioning (as measured by standard intelligence tests ) that is well below average and results in significant limitations in the person's daily living skills (adaptive functioning).


But the important thing to remember is that most kids with learning disabilities are just as smart as everyone else. They just need to be taught in ways that are tailored to their unique learning styles. By learning more about learning disabilities in general, and your child’s learning difficulties in particular, you can help pave the way for success at school and beyond. It can be tough to face the possibility that your child has a learning disorder. No parents want to see their children suffer. You may wonder what it could mean for your child’s future, or worry about how your kid will make it through school. Perhaps you’re concerned that by calling attention to your child's learning problems he or she might be labeled "slow" or assigned to a less challenging class.

Signs and Symptoms of Mental Retardation:

Mild intellectual disability: From birth to age six, these children are able to develop social and communication skills, but their motor skills are slightly impaired. In late adolescence, they can usually read at a sixth-grade level. They are typically able to develop appropriate social skills, and adults can often work and support themselves, though some of these individuals may require assistance during times of social or financial stress.

Moderate intellectual disability: Children with this condition who are six years old or younger can talk and communicate, but usually have poor social awareness. Their motor coordination is fair, and adolescents can learn some occupational and social skills. Adults can sometimes support themselves and hold down a job, though they often require guidance and assistance during stressful periods.

Severe intellectual disability: Young children with this condition have limited speech abilities, though they can usually say a few words. Their motor coordination is mostly poor. While adolescents can communication with others and can learn simple habits, they typically require lifelong guidance and assistance with daily activities.

Profound intellectual disability: Young children with this level of mental retardation have very little motor coordination of often require nursing care, which can last a lifetime. Adolescents have limited motor and communication skills.

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