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Memory Disturbances

Blissfullmind Hospital offers the best treatment for memory disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, Vascular dementia disorder in Madurai,

Memory change or Memory loss also referred to as amnesia, is an abnormal degree of forgetfulness and/or inability to recall past events caused by a physical or psychological condition. Memory loss can be temporary or permanent. Memory loss may be due to many conditions such as small strokes in the brain, diabetes, high blood pressure, nutritional deficiencies, reactions to medications and alcoholism.

Signs and Symptoms of Memory Loss

Confabulation (i.e. invented memories or real memories recalled out of sequence)



Difficulty handling day-to-day affairs such as keeping appointments or preparing meals.

Forgetting people, facts, and events that were previously known well.

Getting lost and misplacing items.

Increased difficulty in taking a step-by-step approach to a familiar task.

Language difficulties, such as mixing up words or trouble remembering a word.

Neurological disorders.

Poor performance on memory tests.

Repeating the same stories and/or questions.


Several symptoms and behavior problems might be treated initially using nondrug approaches, such as:

Occupational therapy: An occupational therapist can show you how to make your home safer and teach coping behaviors. This method helps to integrate the body/mind connection that allows the body/cell memories to integrate with the brain.

Cognitive Therapy: The focus of cognitive remediation is to help an individual acquire tools and strategies necessary to improve thinking, executive functioning, time management and decision-making.

Hypnosis: Through relaxation and a method called “age regression, it is possible to retrieve lost memories.

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