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I.Q. Assessment

IQ assessment is basically done to measure one's intellectual potential and also to diagnose intellectual disabilities.

IQ tests aim to measure mental capacity using a variety of categories – including verbal skills, visual-spatial reasoning, memory and processing speed. Children who take IQ tests are provided with a number based on how they score against their age group, which signifies whether they are considered gifted, average, or at risk of learning and behavioural issues.

In an ideal world, we would be able to measure a child’s intelligence clearly and without variables; however, just as a child’s body changes drastically over time, so too can their intelligence level. Research has shown it is common for a child’s IQ score to fluctuate while they are still developing, making it difficult to determine how accurate their identified score actually is.


To overcome the number of issues that come with IQ testing for children, parents and teachers should consider using programs that focus on qualitative learning and overall potential, not just quantitative scores. Instead of determining what their intelligence level is based on a few fixed categories, assessments should focus on how a child learns, and what educational tools they respond best to.

Assessment Procedure

Verbal Comprehension: Can the child use different vocabularies to express basic and general concepts?

Visual Spatial Skills: Can the child visualize things from different angles?

Fluid Reasoning: Can the child apply general information to solve on-the-spot problems?

Working Memory: Can the child retain information to complete a task over a period of time?

Processing Speed: Can the child process visual information quickly and with ease?

When the results of the cognitive evaluation are read in conjunction with an educational test, an accurate assessment of the child’s learning abilities can be made. This information can then be used to create a unique and personalized learning plan for the child.IQ assessment becomes even more important if the child is required to switch schools in the same academic year – for example, in case of parents getting transferred to another city.

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