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First Free Counseling for COVID-19

Now days the whole word is fully engulfed with the fear of covid-19 pandemic. Blissfullmind Offers first free counseling for COVID-19 survivors & Mental Health Challenges.

Using online counseling during the COVID-19 pandemic

The current corona virus is really unprecedented and is increasingly devastating the entire society and the world in a lot of different ways. Everything from our health services to the way we live our daily life, has been re-defined.

When we speak of corona virus, social distancing and self-isolation have become the mandatory that needs to be followed; it has an intense impact on many people’s mental health irrespective of age, gender and social status.

First Free counseling for COVID-19 Survivors

The World Health Organization has issued symptoms, safety measures and safety guidelines for identifying and managing the current COVID-19 situation from both physical and psychological points of view.

Coronavirus first affects mental health in a drastic manner before it affects physical health of the people across the world and specifically India at large.

As per the psychological point of view, every single human being might have some degree of stress and anxiety against the current COVID situation. But the frequency of impact may be different from person to person.

Generally in human, the current COVID-19 pandemic has triggered so many mental related health problems like nervousness, fear of virus infection, fear of chronic attack, panic attacks, sleep disorders, fear of job losses, financial burdens, uncertainty about future life, fear of scarcity of food and basic needs, feeling of helplessness which leads either normal or severe mental depression and anxiety and further worsening might lead to unconditional health problems and followed by suicidal thoughts.

That’s why this is very urgent and important to access online mental health counseling. Also, we need to accept the fact that many people are now unwilling or unable to access in -person whether it is mental or physical health services, due to their health precautions and ongoing Government restrictions, means that online health support is current preferred way for many.

Treat online counseling like a real face-to-face session

Initially, Speaking to dedicated counselors through online might be strange for first time participants. Like face-to-face appointments, online counseling sessions are also effective, this can widely assist you to adjust quicker and become comfortable with online sessions.

First of all, make sure that you are feeling fresh and neatly dressed. By ensuring your daily routines can bring some normality to the current COVID situation and help you to feel better when attending a counseling session which can boost up your mood.

It is totally underfstandable, If you need some time to accustom to the concept of online counseling session but remember, our dedicated counselors are here to assist and guide you during this tough time and has your best deeds and needs at heart.

In addition, We need to be very careful as the vast population is easily susceptible to withdrawal symptoms. So, it is the need of the hour to educate everyone to get out of the current corona pandemic situation safely and lead their life with full of confidence.

Get online counseling at your local language

Blissfullmind is whole-heartedly offering services round the clock to address the imminent mental health issues against coronavirus. Everyone should realize that human psychology plays a leading role in managing the current Coronavirus (COVID -19) pandemic.

Blissfullmind has started this wonderful initiative to extend COVID-19, “PAN INDIA COUNSELING SERVICE” to the citizen of India.

The online COVID counseling service is offered in the following languages:-







Blissfullmind is always in frontline to provide First Free 24X7 COVID Counseling Services with experienced and dedicated counselors for the People of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. This counseling service will be extended to the rest of India and any individual from nearby can avail the service.

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