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Excessive Anger/Irritation

As the leading hospital, for treating Excessive Anger or Irritation, in Madurai, Blissfullmind Wellness Hospital, we provide best treatment for anger related issues in Madurai.

Anger is a strong feeling of aggravation or irritation towards or about something. We can feel angry if we feel that someone has wronged, offended, or annoyed us. It is important to note that anger is a very normal feeling. We actually feel the emotion of anger because it is a protective mechanism of our bodies in response to something that is threatening us.


Anger management is the process of noticing when anger is occurring and implementing techniques to calm down and deal with the situation in a positive and healthy manner. Anger management is a popular topic amongst therapists and other mental health professionals. But before mental health professionals delve into anger management techniques with their clients, they typically teach clients about the symptoms of anger and the cause or root of that anger. Many people will be surprised to learn that anger is merely the resulting emotion of underlying feelings like fear and sadness.

Symptoms of Anger

There are many physical symptoms one might experience that can be indicators of anger. It is helpful for people with anger problems to get to know the symptoms that they typically experience when angry. Hopefully, they can notice when their anger is occurring and start implementing their anger management techniques. Here are some of the most common symptoms:

Clenched jaw or fists .

Muscle tension.

Increase in heart rate.

Increase in respiration.

Red/flushed face.

Stomach ache.




Feeling hot in the face or neck..

Another symptom of anger is an urge to cause harm to oneself or another person. This is where anger gets dangerous and leads to more serious

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