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Dr. Baishali Gosh is a leading Aesthetic Medical Specialist from Madurai, India. With several years of experience in beautifying people from different walks of life.


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Dr. Baishali Ghosh

Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Baishali Gosh is a board certified and leading expert in non-surgical aesthetic medicine who has graduated from the prestigious Bangalore University and holds a Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr . Baishali Gosh also closely observe the aesthetics industry with the latest product, technology evaluation and research at her Blissfullmind Wellness Research Hospitals.

Education + Trainings

She is well-known for her academic excellence and aesthetic industry arenas for her in-depth knowledge, innovative skills, and overall abilities and has been a domain expert in her field.

Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery

Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine

Diplomas and Certificates

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