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Psychologist M.Selvakumar has completed his Master degree in Psychology and a P.G.DIPLOMA in Psychological counselling.




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Clinical Psychologist

He has also completed his Hospitality management degree in Singapore.

He is a member of Singapore Kavimaalai writers association and a member of Madurai Tamil Sangam. He is a passionate writer who has written many quotes, poems and blogs in Tamil and English.

A recognised person in the field of psychology,he has done a lot of contribution to the society. He played an important role in this critical pandemic situation to help people get out of the mental stress and dilemma.

Through out his experience, Selvakumar has been involved in diagnosing and treating various disorders in children related to education, adults in career management as well as elderly people in managing stress and anxiety.

His friendly approach makes patients feel at ease and be vocal with him, allowing him to gauge various symptoms for prognosis of the condition.

He is a dedicated community psychologist with extensive experience in private and public inpatient and outpatient settings. He is a board certified holistic psychologist and has a strong hand in career management and education field for more than 7 years, with specialization in the fields of hypnotherapy and mind relaxation.

He holds expertise on integrated treatment of individuals with co-occurring stress and anxiety disorders through a national consensus best practice model.

He has special expertise in the areas of behavioral therapy and is currently involved in research programs in learning disabilities, mental health, and depression in primary healthcare.

He also consults patients in

Exam stress



Learning problems

Recovery-oriented treatment for individuals with severe mental disorders

Fear, anxiety management

emotional&peer pressure management

counseling on career guidance,

child & adolescent psychology,

Maladaptive behaviour & pain management

Personality assessment

modern/urban life stress,distractions & problems.

People can come and understand their challenges to make them positive through self listening sessions and becoming the happy person they always hoped to be through:


Positive Mood

Peace & Joy

Purpose & Meaning

Enhanced Clarity

Mental Toughness

Authentic Success

Focus & Concentration

Self Awareness

Interested in engaging & developing the whole person

Different levels of physical, emotional, mental & spiritual methods

The concept that the human being is multi dimensional

Conscious and unconscious aspects

Rational & irrational aspects

He helps his clients to understand their symptoms. And he develops integrated treatment plan for them. He works with his clients towards recovery and helps to maintain healthy mind through evidenced based psycho therapeutic method and integral self therapy, the transpersonal psycho therapy that combines the practice of meditation and hypnotherapy.


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