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N. Muthuveerachami has done M.Sc Psychology and a P.G Diploma in Counselling. He is also an acupuncturist who has completed a Diploma in Acupuncture Science.




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Sunday 09AM - 1PM 2PM - 9PM
Monday 09AM - 1PM 2PM - 9PM
Tuesday 09AM - 1PM 2PM - 9PM
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Friday 09AM - 1PM 2PM - 9PM
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Clinical Psychologist

He is a humble person who is always grateful to God for choosing this mental health counselor job and he is very proud that he has helped and treated many persons with






Intimate contradictions

Who are reluctant to speak out

To make good decisions for their problems and

Live happily ever after.

In order to avoid problems in the future, he usually examines pros and cons of

Pre marital counseling

Couples therapy

Family counseling for the girl and the boy who are going to get married

The two unfamiliar families who are going to get united.

Being the President of Sivaji Kamaraj Educational Trust, he is exclusively involved in social service and has conducted various Medical camps and worked for the development of economic backward students.

He is a renowned motivational speaker who has given a lot of awareness and positivity speeches in many schools and colleges.

He is a matured, experienced , has faced many issues and solved those issues with care and holds expertise in this field.

He is a very friendly in approach and dedicated in

Family counseling

Post-marital counseling

Sexual conflict

Divorce counseling

Relationship counseling

Understanding problems

Smart phone addict counseling

Low-self esteem

Low-self esteem

Sleeping and mood disorder

Emotional counseling

Aged counseling


Anger management

Stress management

Parenting counseling

Personnel and behavioural modification therapy

Sibling conflict

Peer pressure


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